Because marriage is so good and so hard—

I’ve been posting about marriage the past couple of days. Wives submitting. Husbands loving.

There’s been some emotion, and some strong opinions, to say the least.

Because marriage is so GOOD and also so HARD, I’m sharing what God laid on my heart a while back—

There absolutely will be the days your eyes meet and your heart flutters. The days you melt into his arms and your heart swells with emotion.

There will be those mountain-top, romantic moments with your husband.

But there will be the other days. The days you feel disconnected and unappreciated. There will be moments where you grasp, but cannot “feel”, what perhaps just the day before felt so good.

In those moments, when you’ve been hurt, when you are tempted to look at others and believe they’ve all got it better than you…when you want to run…it is then that your promise to God about your marriage most certainly matters.

In the hardest moments, those who love Jesus more than they love their spouses, resolve to not abandon their marriages just because things get hard.

I’m not talking about abuse. I’m not talking about submission to sinful things.

But things get hard in every marriage.
EVEN the very best of marriages.

The enemy will lie to you and tell you the grass is greener somewhere else and that you got a raw deal.

Be assured, there will be days when your spouse looks anything but lovely to you (and, sister, you to him).

But as you remember your promise to God, as you hold on in the hard days, God will bring more good days.

But what do you do before the good days and the happy feelings return?

You remember the promise you made to God and you actively, intentionally, graciously show love to your spouse. You may not feel it but show it anyways, over and over, and regardless of his immediate response.

And you pray and you do what God has called you to do.

And when you do, when you follow God in the yucky marriage days, supernatural things can happen.

God works things together for good.

He heals. He restores. He even brings back those tingly, romantic feelings.

Know this – strength and joy in your marriage, just like your strength and joy for all of life, will come as you seek to follow God regardless of circumstances and temporary emotions.

And SINGLE FRIENDS…this is exactly why a man who loves God more than he loves you is THE kind of guy to marry!

(And that’s me and my sweet man in the pic…my kids call that “old people love”)

Let me tell you, we’ve had our hard times, but it’s getting sweeter every year!

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