Beware of false teaching so you can walk in freedom and abound in thanksgiving!

Yesterday, we talked about Christ being enough and getting discouraged when we look to people and things to do for us as only Christ can.

We can also get discouraged and off track when we think we need to add to what Christ has done or change what God has said through His Word.

This is why Paul is empathetically encouraging all who read this letter to get their biblical understanding right!

He exhorts them to seek the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col 2:3) and (this is very important) he links this to the unity of the body (Col 2:2).

Why? Because false wisdom, the wisdom of men, it divides!

The Word is God-breathed. We are not to take away, or add to it, or change it, but this is exactly what many false teachers in Paul’s day, and today, are attempting to do.

Today, they call it things like “progressing” or “deconstructing”.

But truthfully it is this, it’s all an attempt to rule our own lives, to go our own way, to do what feels good, rather than trust Christ to rule us in knowledge and surrender to Him.

Some want to add a bunch of legalistic rules to what the Bible teaches. Others want to take away and ignore what the Bible actually does say. Either way, it’s just two sides of the same coin.

But, when we keep our eyes on Jesus, and endeavor to daily live in the truth of the gospel, we will walk in sweet freedom with God and others.

And to truly live in the truth of the gospel and not stumble in false teaching we need to study and dig for the treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in the Scriptures.

Here’s the thing, we can’t test everything by the Word if we don’t know the Word. We need to study it for ourselves and not just listen to what others (including yours truly) say about it.

When we do this, we can avoid getting tripped up by false teaching so we can walk in freedom—rooted and built up in faith and abounding in thanksgiving (Col 2:7).

When we do this, we can better help those we love do the same! The truth is, when we invest time studying the Word we will reap blessings for ourselves and those around us.


Why not spend some time today reading Colossians 1 and 2 on your own?

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