Jesus was enough on the day we were saved and He will be enough every day we ever live.

Jesus was enough on the day we were saved, and He will be enough every day we ever live.

The Apostle Paul, who walked in such victory, through the hardest of circumstances with real joy, says, in Christ “dwells all fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power” (Col 2:9).

Shortly before this, Paul said as you received Christ, so walk in Him rooted and built up IN HIM and established in the faith, as you’ve been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. (Col 2:6) (emphasis mine).

Walk in Him, knowing that IN HIM you have everything you’re ever going to need.

Walk in Him remembering He loves you and died for you without first requiring one thing from you!

He loves you with a glorious, unending, unconditional, perfect love.

His love is enough.

We all have hearts that are prone to wander and look around us for what we already have in Christ.

But Jesus is Living Water! If we believe this, if we remind ourselves of this, if we daily draw from the Living Water of THIS, we will live in the sweet victory and satisfaction of it!

In fact, we need to daily preach this to ourselves. Jesus gave us everything. We have ALL we need in Him – security, significance and acceptance.

No material thing, no human relationship, no achievement, nothing, and no one, can do and be for us what the Lord is meant to be.

The Bible talks about our relationship with Jesus as our first love (Rev 2:4).

And this relationship is to be preeminent in our lives. We get ourselves in trouble when we start looking to people or things to do for us what only God can do.

Spend a moment in prayer and ask the Lord to show you any area where you may be tempted to do this.

If the Lord shows you something remember it is His kindness that leads us to repentance because He has better for us. (Rom 2:4)

If we are looking to other things, or other relationships to satisfy us, we will come up short in some way. We won’t be satisfied for very long.

And listen, please heed this warning, from someone who has mixed this up in the past—we will ultimately drive others away from us when we try to make them do for us, and be for us, what only Christ can!

When Jesus is our all in all, when we look to Him for our acceptance, security and significance, it’s then we can love others better and freely and not try to make them do for us what only He can do.

And p.s. —those who love Jesus first are the ones who can love us best too. That’s some free advice for you singles!!! 😉 Look for someone who loves Christ first and that’s the someone who can love you best!


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