As he raised his hands, I cried.

The service had already started when two men helped him through the side door. The old man’s legs did not seem to want work on that cold Sunday morning as they half-carried him toward the front.

We all kept singing, but tears filled my eyes as I watched him stumble as he tried to will his old body into that pew. Several others jumped up to help as the two tried to help him bend his old legs and sit down.

Finally, he seemed to steady himself, but I kept watching. And crying. I cried as he slowly lifted his arm in praise to Jesus.

What had it taken to just get to church this cold, cold morning? How hard had it must’ve been just to get dressed? It would’ve been so easy to stay at home. Who would’ve blamed him?

But he was drawn there. He came to raise his hands there. He had let nothing stop him from getting to church to raise his hands in praise to the One who had saved his soul.

And I cried.

Tears fell as I thought of it all. We have so many reasons to praise Jesus, yet so often we don’t. I don’t.

We let things get in our way. We don’t make the effort. We cower to our culture. We get distracted, and some of us get mad.

We forget about what God has given us and instead focus only on what we think He should have.

Instead of fighting our wayward, flesh-focused hearts, and drawing close to Christ, we pull away and we wonder why we find ourselves miserable.

But those who press on, those who count their blessings, those who, despite the circumstances and despite the obstacles, daily worship the One who brought them from death to life, they have peace—REAL peace. They radiate joy!

Oh friends, let’s fight to remember the glorious truth of what has been done for us! Let’s let nothing keep us from singing the praise to the One to whom all praise is due!

Oh, let’s count the blessings this Thanksgiving week—and every week! May nothing keep us from praising Jesus who has truly given us all we need in Himself!




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