Why I’m doing what I’m doing-my prayer right now

As I work to tediously compile things I’ve written before for a devotional book, I’ve asked myself why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I do believe God has called me to do so, but the fact is, I simply believe God is what we need.

Every day.
We can’t let up.
We can’t quit seeking Him.
We can’t rest thinking we know Him well enough.

We need the mind of Christ—every day. We need to reset our flesh-filled thinking throughout the day.

On our own, we can quickly spiral down into wrong thinking that leads to all sorts of misery. On top of that, we have an enemy bent on our destruction who seems to be having a hey day in our world right now. It’s easy to feel tossed and turned and defeated.

But God.

As we daily, and I mean DAILY, deliberately shift our thinking from ourselves and our circumstances to God—His truth and His purpose, we find rock-solid peace.

Real peace.

But this shifting of thinking, it’s an intentional thing. It takes effort to take in truth from the Word, and I believe God wants us to help each other do that! And as we do, we are strengthened to keep going.

Yes, I remember many of the truths God has planted in my heart from thousands of yesterdays of study—but the Word, the Living Word, is meant to be picked up every day like the manna in the wilderness.

It’s our comfort, but it is also our weapon.

And if ever we needed to pick up our weapons, friend, look at this world! It’s right now!

Let’s remind each other to do take in truth daily! Because left on our own, we are quickly apt to think wrong and fall prey to the schemes of the evil one. We are likely to pick up the chains that have choked us in the past.

For certain, the evil one’s messages are loud and his lies abundant in our culture. They are disguised as truth and wrapped up in enticingly pretty packages but, make no mistake, they are deadly.

But as we daily guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and encourage one another, and all the more as we see the Day approaching, we are thoroughly equipped to recognize and extinguish the fiery darts meant for our destruction.

Yes, there is a spiritual battle raging among us. Do you see it? Do you know there is a target on your back and the backs of those you love? We see it clearly if we would pause but for a moment.

May we soberly understand how quickly our own hearts can go astray.

But may we not fear! May we be increasingly resolved to fight the good fight!

May we understand how much we will always need to seek our Lord. May He pour out His Word. May He strengthen us to stand and encourage one another. May our lights shine ever more brightly as our world gets darker and darker. May we be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have because we do indeed have hope!

And I guess, that’s it. That’s my prayer right now and why I’m doing what I’m doing. I know we all need Jesus every day. I believe with all my heart He changes everything, for the SO MUCH BETTER, as we daily seek Him. ❤️

Thank you for praying with me and for each other. What a Savior!


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