Passionate Family Debates

I love my family. You’ve heard from a few of them over the years on my page.

I’m pretty amazed by those in our family, especially the younger ones, who have chosen to speak out on hard issues-often going against culture and at the risk of losing friends.

I’ve watched them stand for truth when it has been far from easy.

These kids grew up debating all sorts of issues in our family. They were welcome to come with their opinions, but they knew they better be prepared to defend those opinions with articulate arguments.

They better know their facts. Especially because my brother, one of the most godly men I know, who was just recognized as a TOP 100 trial attorney in America…he would cut them no slack.

But that wasn’t all. We all knew we better be able to test our opinions against Scripture, because we know God’s Word to be true—“living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart”. (Heb 4:12)

Oh our family is FAR from perfect, but I believe these “test your thoughts against truth” debates have helped foster critical thinking and a biblical world view in many our family. The sparks have definitely flown at times, but I’ve watched iron sharpen iron.

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because, for all of us, the greatest ministries we will likely have are those in our families.

Parenting is a high calling and one that needs to be bathed in prayer… and I’m so thankful to have a family that also prays.

These days are hard. We who seek to follow Christ have targets on our backs.

But let’s keep following our Faithful Father. Let’s make sure we are committed to training the next generation up to know and love the Word and avoid the snares of the evil one (Prov 22:5-6).

Let’s make sure our families know they have hope because of Jesus and are prepared to give an answer for that hope they have. (1 Pet 3:16)

In these hard days, let’s help our kids and grandkids learn critical thinking skills (not just rote memorization skills taught in most schools).

Let’s study the Word ourselves, every day, so we can help others look at the world through the true lens of Scripture.

Let’s make it our priority to help our families have a Biblical (rather than lost world) worldview and trust God to equip us for what He’s called us to do.

Let’s not be afraid to have the hard conversations, and even debates, and help our kids grow in God confidence so they can stand in this hard world instead of running for a flimsy, worldly “safe space.”

Let’s assure others that we love them and that God loves them so much more.

And all the while, let’s choose to follow God, in front of our kids, even when it’s hard, so they will know they can too.

Will it be easy? Nope. Is this a guarantee that you won’t raise a prodigal? Nope!

But let’s follow the Lord. Let’s trust Him more than we trust us.

And let’s remember, when we, and those we love stand for the Lord, when we hold tight to Him, we will find blessing this world can never give. (see Matt 10:28-33)

Some of our favorite Biblical Worldview Resources include

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