Tough stuff? This will help you.

I sat with Dad this week as he lay waiting for his blood thinners to get out of his system so his surgeon could work on his fractured hip. His arm is also broken and in a sling.

He would drift off to sleep, but every little movement would cause him to cry out in pain. He even asked one of my sons to tie him to the hospital bed so he couldn’t move as he slept.

It’s been hurt-your-heart hard to watch.

But I also watched my Daddy, thank every person he came in contact with for their care for him.

I listened as he told me how beautiful his hospital room was and how nice those people were to him.

Despite his pain, he still managed to find reasons to be grateful.

And I realize, once again, it’s true….Gratefulness is a powerful weapon that defeats the enemy.

As we look for, and call out the blessings, in even the hardest of situations, our hearts glimpse the eternal, where pain and suffering are no more.

We remind ourselves, and the evil one, that death and sickness and sorrow have been defeated and what troubles us now, will one day be swallowed up in rivers of joy.

Forever. Forever, for those who know call on the Lord as Savior.

Those aren’t just words. It’s truth. It’s help-you-get-through-your-stuff hope. For right now -on this side of Heaven.

As the hospital doctor left dad’s room the other day, he told my dad to “have a good day” to which Dad responded, “Yes, Jesus has really been with me.”

And friends, knowing that, changes everything.

Thank you to all who continue to pray. ❤️ Surgery went well.

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