I’m having trouble moving past this…

I wrote this a year ago. Still, I just can’t seem to move past this passage without feeling it all over again…

The rich young ruler walked away, sorrowful, but unwilling to part with his great possessions to follow Jesus.(Luke 18)

I’ve wondered again and again if I’m holding anything too tightly or counting on anything more than I count on Jesus.

Jesus explains to His disciples how difficult the path will be of those who choose to surrender all to follow Him.

There is no prosperity gospel or “best life now” promises.

Peter, so often talking 😉, says, ”See, we have left everything to follow you.” (Luke 18:28)

Peter surely thought he understood surrender.

And I guess, so have I.

But in just a matter of days, Peter would curse and deny even knowing Jesus (as Jesus told him he would), “three times before the rooster would crow”. (Luke 22:34)

Peter had left his job, family and home to follow Jesus. He had made true sacrifices.

But things weren’t turning out as he had expected. And he starts cussing.

The Messiah had not set up His Kingdom on earth but, instead was being led away to die.

And, I wonder, how long did Peter cling to his expectations before he surrendered even that?

How long have I? How long have you?

I love comfort, and I hold tightly to many things.

I know I do.
I still do.

I have expectations for my life; and honestly an opinion about how I think God should do things in this world and in my life.

Until I think about my Savior on the Cross…

When I deliberately remember He laid down EVERYTHING for me…it is only then that I can pick up His strength to surrender again the fleeting comforts and my earthly expectations.

No, surrender is not a one time thing. It’s a daily thing.

God search my heart… show me what I hold on to more than You.

Help me surrender all today and then all that tomorrow brings too.

Because it’s there that You do amazing things and bring rivers of peace. ❤️




*Original artwork by my young, talented niece ACJ

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