When Father’s Day is Hard

My heart breaks this Father’s Day weekend for all those who have scrolled through the Father’s Day posts and feel like they have no one to thank.

Do you know children, who grow up without a father in the home, are much more likely to end up poor, drop out of school, be in prison, experience a teen pregnancy, act out, commit suicide, etc.?(look up Poverty, Dropouts, Pregnancy, Suicide: What the Numbers Say about Fatherless Kids from npr.org)

And you know, to the men who’ve left their kids chasing another woman, another drug, that career, another elusive fulfillment somewhere else, my heart breaks for you too.

You’ve missed out on SO VERY MUCH and broken little hearts along the way.

But –as long as you have breath in your lungs, it’s not too late to do the right thing.

Kids need their dads.
Adult kids need their dads too.
Your kids need YOU.

Because of Jesus, there are amazing redemption stories, it’s not too late for your story… for your kids’ story-even if your kid is forty.

Be there.

God can still bring beauty from broken roads and will strengthen you to be the man He has called you to be.

You can’t.
But He can.

There is only one Perfect Father. And He stands with open arms for ALL of us.

He is enough no matter how bad we’ve failed or how much others have failed us.

No matter what our experience with our earthly dad, no matter how any of us have lived our lives to this point, we can still run to a Heavenly Father.

And that’s where lives change, families change, and countries change. That’s where statistics are blown out of the water!

Maybe your earthly dad has let you down… your Heavenly Father will not, and He can change things for generations through you! As the song says, and it’s true, God’s a pain taker, a chain breaker, and a way maker. (Zach Williams, Chain Breaker)

And to all the men who’ve kept their promises, and to those guys who’ve stepped in and stepped up, those who’ve been the dads they didn’t have to be, to others who’ve come alongside a kid from a single mom home, to those who shown the love of Christ and what it means to be a godly man…THANK YOU! You are changing things for all of us!




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