3 a.m. thoughts

I woke up at 3 a.m. thinking about another friend who had lost a loved one to CoVid.

This virus is no respecter of bank accounts. You can’t buy yourself immunity from it.

Your position, your zip code, your resume, or your political party, can’t keep you from catching it.

You may run ten miles a day and still get sick.

In fact, the things we chase in this life for security, things like wealth, relationships, influence, reputation, and physical beauty can’t give us one ounce of protection against a tiny virus we can’t even see, and the smartest among us are still unsure of how we catch it.

The truth is, you and I have very little control over our next breath… what we breathe in or when we will breathe our last.

And if we are honest, most of us know that.

The Apostle Paul said, “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” (1 Tim 6:7)

We can control very little- including when we, or when those we love, will die.

And lately, a tiny virus, has made a lot of us think about dying.

How are you doing with that? No, really. How are you doing with that?

None of us like the thought! And the thought of losing those we love evokes emotion for all of us.

But, I wonder, do you have hope past that? Or are you gripped by fear?

Yes, one day we will all die, maybe not from this virus, but I’ve noticed again and again that those who know this life is not all there is and call Jesus Lord and Savior, have a peace and perspective that those who are living for this world simply do not.

I see it. I hear it as I talk with others. We all recognize the gravity of this situation, but those who have built their lives on the Rock, have eternal hope that this crazy world and tiny viruses can’t take away.

Friend, you may have been sprinkled, you may have raised your hand, or walked an aisle at some point in your life, but if there has been no life change, and all you think about, and worry about is this life, you may not know the Savior.

Oh, you may know about Him, but He is not the Lord of your life and certainly not your peace.

And this virus may be revealing this to you.

And for those who call Him “Lord”, who have real peace, if we truly believe what we say we believe about Jesus, and eternity, and hope—THE REAL WAY to love others, (worth eternally more than wearing a mask, that may or may not work), is to tell them about the Savior!

Let’s open our mouths and use this breath we still have to talk about the eternal hope that is Christ the Lord.

And if you want to know more about what it means to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior check out https://longhollow.com/the-good-news/




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