Jesus is our peace.

It’s sounds like such a calm, relaxing, silent night, kind of word.

But to better understand we need to think of peace as in terms of war …war and peace.

The Bible says, we were God’s enemies. (Rom 5:10)

Not just lost or confused or mistaken.
We were hostile to God. (Rom 8:7)

Hopelessly separated.

In ourselves, we had no possible way to make peace with the Most High. We were dead men walking. (Eph 2:5)

But the Prince of Peace did what we could never do for ourselves. He willingly took our sins upon Himself to satisfy the wrath (yes, wrath) of the Father. (Rom 5:9)

And in a way my human mind cannot begin to fully understand, God sent His Son to make this peace, to be our Prince of Peace,
to die so we might live. (1 Pet 2:24)

Can you imagine? Could you ever send your child to die a horrific death so your enemy might live?

But this is EXACTLY what God the Father did! What great love He has for us!

That precious baby, born to a virgin, laid in a manger, that the angels sang to, that the wise men visited, THE Perfect Lamb, THE PRINCE OF PEACE was sent to us to die in our place. (1 John 4:9)

It didn’t just happen.
It was foretold.
It was planned by God.
It was the only way! (Acts 3:18, 4:12)

What love the Father has for us! Can you even begin to fathom how deep, how wide, how full of grace? (John 3:16)

We can’t earn that!
We could never earn that!
We did nothing to deserve it. (Eph 2:9)
Jesus is our Prince of Peace! (Isa 9:6)

He is the GIFT of CHRISTmas to all of us!

But, perhaps, some of you are reluctant …you don’t think the gift is for you.

Somehow, the enemy has convinced you that you’ve out sinned God’s ability to forgive you.

But remember, no one could earn what Jesus did for us. (Rom 3:23)

None of us could ever get our life straightened up enough or do enough good works to earn it!

Think about this—Can you imagine your enemy ever doing enough good things that you would decide he was finally good enough to send your child to die so he might live? No way!

But God loved us first; and even though all of us have blown it, God sent Jesus anyway. He walked this earth and felt our pain. He was tempted in every way but never sinned. (Heb 4:15)

None of us are worthy! None of us could ever be worthy! And we don’t have to be because Jesus made our peace and took our sin upon Himself on the Cross. (Col 1:20)

The Prince of Peace forever satisfied the wrath of the Holy God and made peace between God and man. (2 Cor 5:18)

He surrendered His life so we might live. He conquered the grave for us! (2 Tim 1:10)

What a love story!

He is the gift of CHRISTmas… the greatest gift of all time.

There is no other way by which men can be saved (Acts 4:12)

Have you called upon the Name of the Lord?

Is the Prince of Peace your Savior?

All you have to do is ask!

Glory to Him!
Praise to the Prince of Peace!

And that same Prince of Peace is with us in this day! He will never leave us or forsake us! (Deut 31:6)



I would encourage you to look up the verses referenced above. God’s words are so much better than mine.

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