You don’t have to be.

I sat in a cabin, this weekend, laughing, talking and crying with some of the dearest girls in the world to me. In a few weeks, they will be bridesmaids at my daughter’s wedding.

It was the sweetest of times. But as we talked, and caught up, I learned of heartache- two young women who had taken their lives from suicide.

These weren’t just statistics. These were beautiful young women who these girls knew from church and school.

As I thought of all this, it was not lost on me that my husband was spending the weekend hunting with a young man whose father had taken his life.

And, many of you know, my first husband took his life as well.

I sat reeling with the heartache of what was represented in just that one small room.

As I talked with my niece last night, she emphatically said she believes this is becoming epidemic in her generation.

She wisely noted that culture says you can fulfill yourself, and that even many of our churches promotes the “you are enough” thinking.

But the fact is, we aren’t enough.
None of us.

And as long as we are looking to ourselves for peace, hope and joy—we will come up empty. Sometimes, desperately empty.

Yes, I hear it so much. “You are enough.”

I read Scripture, and I know it’s a lie.

We are not, nor were we intended to be, nor could we ever, ever be ENOUGH.

We were always meant to be dependent on our Savior. We were always meant to look to Someone greater than ourselves. He alone is enough.

The Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the church at Rome, that in God, never in ourselves, is there life and peace. (Rom 8:6)

The mind set on the flesh, including our own flesh, is death (Rom 8:5).

Paul tells the church at Corinth that, one day, God will put every power under his feet and restore things to their right order.

The end of 1 Corinthians 15:28 says, all this will happen so “that God may be all in all.”

But until then, we seem to be stuck on trying to make every other thing and person, except God, our “all in all” —including ourselves.

Friends, let’s help each other know— no one, but God, could ever be enough for us. You aren’t enough for you. You were never meant to be enough. You don’t have to be!

We may get pumped up from the popular motivational posts and speeches of our day touting that “you are enough”, but that will only carry us about five minutes before we become frustrated in trying to be our own “enough”.

Only Jesus.

In glorious dependency on HIM is life and peace.

When we run in our own strength, when we look for our “enough” in ourselves, we come up woefully short.

But as we turn our eyes to Jesus, as we look to God, we find help, and strength, and hope, and peace far greater than anything we will ever find by looking inward or looking to this world around.

“Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus Name.” (Mote)

Let’s wash our thoughts with the truth of the Word. Let’s stand on Christ the solid Rock in this day.

Let’s help each other to do this.

Then, let’s get up tomorrow and do it again. Let’s take one day at a time. Let’s not worry about tomorrow, and let’s trust God more than we trust ourselves.

Oh friends, let’s help each other know this. And, if you are reading this, and you need to know this, PLEASE tell someone. Don’t let the evil one isolate you alone in your thoughts. Don’t let him lie to you.

The truth is, God loves you so very much. You don’t have to be enough. He really is enough to sustain you when all else seems to fail you—including yourself.

He is enough. He alone is enough.



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