Is God mercifully shaking us?

The truth is, you can recognize God to be God, you can find Him to be useful, helpful, and even worthy of praise… and still proudly refuse His rule in your life.

Daniel’s three friends emerged from the fiery furnace unscathed, and the astonished Nebuchadnezzar is a fan of their God once again.

King Nebuchadnezzar decrees that anyone who speaks anything amiss about “their God” shall be cut into pieces and their homes burnt and he promotes the three friends to high positions in his kingdom . (Dan 3:26-30)

Nebuchadnezzar goes on to declare some right and true things about God… he even states it seems like a good idea to do so, as if to cover his bases—

“I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God has worked for me.

How great are His signs,
And how mighty His wonders!
His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
And His dominion is from generation to generation.” (Dan 4:2-3)

Nebuchadnezzar then details a second dream, and once again, calls on Daniel for interpretation because, he says, “the Holy God is in you” (Dan 4:18)

Nebuchadnezzar could see Daniel had something he did not—and that something was the Someone, the King of the everlasting kingdom.

And like many today, Nebuchadnezzar found God to be useful, even helpful, but still proudly refused to allow God to be on the throne of his life.

But Nebuchadnezzar would soon be humbled, and Daniel has the uncomfortable role of explaining this meaning of the king’s latest dream.

God would shake the pride out of the mighty king and help him realize, there is only One True God worthy of praise, honor, glory and surrender.

And I wonder, is this what is happening in our world today?

Is God mercifully shaking us and giving us opportunity to look up from all the useless things we cling to?

Is He rocking our world with this virus, riots, hurricanes, political turmoil, economic calamity to help us see that hope is found in no One else… and especially not in ourselves?

For many have made government their god. Many political leaders have profited over this.

The fact is many have built their own little kingdoms on sinking sand.

They’ve worshipped false gods like money, relationships, physical beauty, sex, the praise of men… and perhaps, these storms, will help some, to finally realize, there is only One God who can save.

For “salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

Will you pray with me for God to shake what needs to be shaken in our own lives and bring revival in these hard days?

Nothing is better than Him and NOTHING is too hard for Him! Even this CRAZY 2020!



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