I want to be on the other side

I want to be on the other side. You know the other side of the current problem impacting my life. I want to feel the rejoicing that comes AFTER the pain and worry have subsided.

I know what that is like. I’ve seen God be faithful before.

But right now.
I’m in the “not yet”.

I’m in the waiting and wondering AGAIN.

I’m weary.

I’ve seen Him turn hard things into good. And surely He will do that again.

But I don’t see how.

Just yet.

And so I wait.


And such is life.

Mountain-top victories.
And valley lows.

Hard trials and beautiful blessings.

Seasons of laughter and moments of take-your-breath-away joy.

But also sadness.

This life is a mix of it all.

And God knew it would be.


His Word is honest and real. He doesn’t sugar-coat what it means to follow Him.


But, He also promises His abiding presence.

And that is…


He is that still small voice.
He Is the whisper in the wind.
He is the glory is in the sunset.

And my heart is tuned to hear His voice.

Because of Jesus. I remember His faithfulness.

I remember His faithfulness in my life.

And, I expect He will do it again.

And, even if the other side doesn’t turn out as I would have hoped, I know my God is there.


His arms will comfort and carry. He will bring good in ways my mind cannot imagine.

He will never leave.
He will never forsake.
His ways continue to be best.

And one day, one “not-yet day”, He will wipe away EVERY TEAR.

HE will make all things new.

My faith will become sight.

And every promise will be fulfilled.

But until then.

I’ll keep walking forward.
I’ll keep trusting Him.
I’ll keep looking for Him.
I’ll keep obeying Him.

Because He alone is worthy.
He alone is hope.
Where else could I turn?

Where else would you turn?

Our God is mighty.
Our God is good.
Our God is worthy.

Oh, let’s keep running to Him.

Let’s help each other keep running to Him.


I wrote this a year ago. It popped up on my Facebook memories this morning . This week, this Wednesday, we will be dealing with the very difficult situation that sparked what I wrote. Honestly, I very much covet your prayers for our witness to be protected, truth to be revealed, and God’s perfect will to be done. I’m asking Him to be our strength. He has never let us down. He won’t start now. ❤️

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