He CHOSE this…

I have heard it said we should preach the gospel to ourselves everyday.

For many, even those in the Church, the Cross is a thought mostly for Easter.

But Jesus came for the Cross.

He didn’t come for social justice.
He wasn’t killed by racists, as some are saying these days.

The Son of God came to die.
He completely understood all that would mean.
He was totally in control of all that would happen.

The One who could call a legion of mighty angels to His aide (Matt 26:53), instead, goes to the garden to pray, praying so hard He cries tears of blood. (Luke 22:44)


He pleads with the Father… if there be any other way… any other way….

But for the ONLY time since time began…God, the Father, does not answer His Son.

Because there is NO OTHER WAY!

And there, in the Garden of Gethsemane, the horrific separation begins…the
Father is silent… and this, far more than the beatings, the jeering and the piercing nails, prompted the Son to ask, “If there be ANY OTHER WAY.” (Matt 26:39)

But there could be NO other way.

And so, Jesus, who could have walked away, chooses to walk toward the Cross.


The Only Way.

The riches of God’s love for us —far greater than we can fathom.

God SENT His Son to die for us when we were “His enemies”.

We weren’t simply lost, or confused, or mistaken.

The Bible says, we were the enemies of the Holy God (Rom 5:10).

And enemies can’t try hard enough,
to be good enough,
to earn what the
Messiah would choose to do.

Absurd, really, to think our good works could satisfy the wrath of a Holy God.

No, the Perfect Lamb would willingly walk to the Cross, to do for you and me, what we could NEVER do for ourselves.

The Father turns His face away.

The Savior is alone.

The disciples fall asleep. (Luke 22:45)

The Perfect Lamb.

The only WAY…

He came to make our way.

Jesus, who could have walked away, willingly walks toward the Cross…. for you and for me…the only way.


Hope is found nowhere else!

Victory in Jesus!



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