Wait a Minute!

I want to “wait a minute” before we continue on with Luke, and tell you something I have noticed.

My niece, AC, and I enjoy studying our Bible together. During CoVid, we have started FaceTiming and doing so.

This girl loves the Word. She takes notes. She asks questions, but let me tell you something else she does…

Routinely, she says, “wait a minute” and she will go, and pick up her dad’s Bible.

She looks to see if he has underlined, circled, or written, anything in the passage we are reading.

She has watched her daddy, for years, study the Word..and it is important to her to know his thoughts.

I suspect, as she grows up, this will remain true. In fact, I will go ahead and tell you that you can take that to the bank!

As my brother-in-law seeks the Lord through His Word, his daughter has been watching… and your kids and your grandkids are watching too.

Let them see you seek the Lord. Let them observe you going to the Word for your direction, comfort, and strength.

Underline, highlight, write notes and draw hearts.

As you do, you are leaving a legacy.

As you do, you are modeling the way.

And here’s one more idea—my dear friend, and mentor, Karen, is with the Lord now. But before she died, she read a Bible for each of her grandchildren and as she read, she would underline and write notes to each of them. She would record times of God’s faithfulness, or things He had taught.

Those Bibles are precious and will become more precious as those grandchildren grow up.

So, in the busyness of this life, seek the Lord through His Word. Let your kids see you doing so.

As the storms and questions of life come, keep seeking the Lord through His Word. Don’t be afraid to underline and make notes, in your Bible, as He teaches.

As you do, like my niece, your kids and grandkids are watching, and they are learning to go to the Word with their questions too. They are learning that God is your Rock and can be theirs too!



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