Nothing is too hard for God—including same-sex attraction.

Many, in our culture, pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like, they argue certain things “no longer apply”, and apply that to all sorts of things to argue some things that God calls “sin” in the Bible is not really “sin”.

They say things like “my god wouldn’t….”, but we have to be careful – a god we can define to conform to our ways can be no god at all—certainly not the One True God, not Lord (that we surrender to His ways over our ways) but is rather just a figment of our imaginations. A false god.

The God of ALL the Bible is the One True God.

He does not change.
But He can change people.

The same God who raised the dead, created the universe, parted the sea, and knows every hair on our heads—He changes lives all the time.

He is a chain breaker. He is a freedom giver.

There is absolutely nothing impossible for Him (Matt 19:26)

No sin tendency is too hard for Him. We were born with NO DESIRE that He can’t overcome.

This includes same-sex attraction. The argument that “I was born that way” just doesn’t stand up to an all powerful God.

Many men, I know, will tell you for as long as they can remember they’ve wanted to have sex with lots of women. If God-in-them can handle that , the same is true for same-sex attraction and any other desire that goes against the Word of God.

I am pretty sure I was born with one of the worst tempers around. We are all born with tendencies to sin. But it’s still sin, if God calls it “sin”.

If we can comfortably live in anything God calls “sin”, we have to question if we are truly born again.

Thankfully, we don’t have to stay stuck in “we were born that way”. Because of Jesus, we can be born again.

Because of the Holy Spirit inside of us, we can resist all kinds of desires of our flesh and walk away from all types of sin issues. Jesus can make all things new. Nothing is impossible for Him.

AND Jesus satisfies more than any human relationship -same sex or opposite sex- ever could.

He wants to be our first love and He tells us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him and His ways. (Matt 16:24)

He says the mind controlled by the Spirit (not the flesh) is life and peace. (Rom 8:6)

No material possession, no drug, nothing this flesh can experience, can bring life and peace like the Spirit of God can.

Is it easy to deny our flesh and follow God? Nope. Not at all. It’s a battle.

But there is no temptation that He can’t help us with—

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”(1 Cor 10:13)

There is no exception. This includes same sex attraction. We have to stop believing anything is too hard for God.

For more on this subject, from those who have personally dealt with it, check out—

Holy Sexuality (Christopher Yuan)

Gay Girl. Good God (Jackie Hill Perry)

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (Rosaria Butterfield)

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