Be careful! Don’t hold your donkey too tightly!

One week before His crucifixion, Jesus prepares to enter Jerusalem.

He sends His disciples ahead to get the donkey he will ride. (Luke 19:28-34)

They walk into town, untie the donkey, that did not belong to them, and when the owners question, they merely say the words Jesus had told them to say,”Because the Lord has need of him.”(v 34)

Imagine being the owner of that donkey?!

But, notice, there was no argument or delay on the part of those who owned what Jesus needed.

And I wonder, how would I have reacted? How do I react today?

Do I hold everything with open hands?

What about every circumstance? What about every person I love? What about just my plan for how life, or even just this day, should go?

What if the Lord needs any or all of that?

Am I willing and flexible? Does God have to explain what He is doing first?

Do I get mad?

Or, do I trust the Lord without reservation? Do I hold anything, or anyone, or any plan, or any dream too tightly?

These are hard questions.

Honestly, I’d rather stop now and go do laundry; except I know there is freedom to be had when I ask the Lord to show me anything, or anyone, or any plan, I’ve been holding too tightly.

May God strengthen each of us to let go and let Him.

Because we need to remember this and keep remembering—because there is peace to be had as we do—God’s will and His ways certainly aren’t always our ways. But, they are better. So much better.

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