My quiet time hasn’t been so good…

Can I be honest? My quiet time hasn’t been so quiet lately. I’ve felt distracted. Worried. Hurried. I’ve noticed my soul needs refreshing. Again. (Yes, this has happened more than once, and yes, I think it happens to many of us who love Jesus) Anyways, when this “dry spell” happened before, I bought myself aContinue reading “My quiet time hasn’t been so good…”

When your HEART needs to slow down. And GLORY!

We sat at the dinner table last night and my daughter brought up the verse in the picture below. THEN, this ⬇️ popped up on my Facebook. I had written it a few years ago, but my heart needed it again. And I’m thankful the Lord is so sweet to repeat Himself like this withContinue reading “When your HEART needs to slow down. And GLORY!”