Is this on your list this week?

It’s Monday morning, I’ve got a list for the week. I bet you do too.

But my early morning study tells me I’m to bear fruits in keeping with repentance. (Matt 3:7-10).

One day, we will all give an account for what we’ve done with the life we’ve been given by the blood-bought sacrifice of the Son of God.

How great a treasure we dare not waste.
And to bear fruits in keeping with repentance is not a subtle suggestion but a charge.

Is that even on my list? Is it on yours? And what does it exactly mean to “bear fruit in keeping with repentance “?

“Some people think that repentance is mostly about feelings, especially feeling sorry for your sin. It is wonderful to feel sorry about your sin, but repent isn’t a “feelings” word. It is an action word. John told his listeners to make a change of the mind, not merely to feel sorry for what they had done. Repentance speaks of a change of direction, not a sorrow in the heart.” (Enduring Word App)

So, if we are to bear fruit in keeping with repentance, we are to bear fruit that comes from daily turning from sin and living as dead to it.

When I choose not to walk in what the Bible calls sin, but walk away from it, I will bear fruit in keeping with repentance—

I can love the unlovely.
I can decide not to repay evil for evil.
I can forgive those who hurt me.
I can be kind to those who disagree with me.
I can have joy in my trials.
I can be patient in affliction.
I can choose peace over worry.
I can show self-control in temptations.
And more!

And as think this way and as we do these things, our lives look different!! People walking in darkness are drawn to the light in us.

We make disciples who make disciples and that’s how the world changes… not by worrying or complaining, but by God’s people daily turning from sin and choosing to follow Him in a way that cause others to notice and want to do the same.


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