Sometimes, I just have to set my Bible study down.

Sometimes I have to set my Bible study down and simply WORSHIP.

Oh, I love to learn of Him. But there is a place in my soul overwhelmed by more of Him than words could ever express… head bowed down, hands held high to the MORE THAN I CAN IMAGINE GOODNESS of OUR GOD!

I can’t know all there is to know about Him.

I can’t write all there is to write about Him.

I can’t explain everything there is to explain about Him.

He is so much more than I can imagine more to be.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know He holds me.

I don’t know what harder things will come my way, but I know He won’t leave.

I know I will fail to understand at times.

I will fail Him, but His love is not based on my understanding or my actions. I did nothing to earn His love for me.


His love was poured out on the Cross. Rivers and rivers of unending grace, mercy and love….

I don’t understand that.
My mind can’t conceive that.

And my still-flesh-filled self struggles to truly, always rest in that.

But God.


He pursues my wandering, anxious heart.

He holds me close. He gently whispers truth. He fights my battles. Oh, if I could only see the legions of angel armies at His disposal. There is nothing too hard for Him.

Yet, He knows every hair on my head and every day I’ll ever face.

He is with me.
He will never leave.
He is completely faithful
and forever true.

There is no love like His love.
There is no help like His help.
There is no way better than His way.

Oh, may our hearts love Him more each day.

May our feet follow Him in all our ways.

May we trust Him more than our eyes can see.

May we remember, though we may fail, our Faithful Father will never fail us.

May we worship Him in this day and every day.

What a Savior!

Oh, sing with me! The Goodness of God




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