Famous Tragic Endings and Silent Stories of Hope

August 16, 1977, I was sitting in a car with my mom when the news came over the radio—Elvis Presley had died.

Forty-five years ago today and I still remember watching my mom being visibly upset.

I was only eight but quickly became obsessed with this famous person who had died so tragically, so young.

Drugs had consumed Elvis and brought about his death at only forty-two years of age.

Years later, I’d grow up to lose my young, good-looking husband to suicide during his struggle with cocaine.

Sad. Senseless. Tragedy.

You know, we all struggle over things in this life. We all have times we want to escape our problems. We all have moments where we feel the urge to run away. I’m not discounting any of that.

But I also want us to remember, we can choose, in those same kind of moments, to run to the hope of Jesus found in the truth of His Word, instead of a drug, or an affair, or food, or retail therapy, or whatever we think will make us happy but ultimately only fuels our misery.

For thousands of years, God has rescued and redeemed countless people who thought they were at the end of their rope.

He has turned messes into messages.

Nothing is too hard for Him.

For every famous tragic ending, there are so many others who have found strength to keep going,—real peace, hope and joy in walking in daily relationship with Jesus.

Their stories don’t make the headlines. The anniversaries of their “keep goings” aren’t recognized…but they are out there.

And maybe that’s you? Maybe that’s your story? Maybe you recall a time you didn’t think you could keep going… but you did because of Jesus.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ve never shared your story.

Oh, but friend, don’t you know there are those around you feeling the same desperation and hopelessness you perhaps once felt?

They may be wondering if the hope of God is real. Could Jesus truly be enough? Is He really a friend closer than a brother? Could He really lift their head from their problem?

Oh, He’s more than enough!

May the redeemed say so! May our lips tell our testimonies and may others find the “keep going” hope that is Jesus Christ! May our stories point them to Him!



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