Note from Kim

Today a post I wrote from LAST YEAR was removed from my page by FB because they said it “violated community standards”. 

The post simply included biblical truth. 

I am surprised that this post, from so long ago, was even noticed and removed. 

However, I do believe this type of thing will continue to happen, and I will not be shocked if my entire ministry page on FB is eventually removed because biblical truth will be deemed to be “hate speech”.

For now, I will continue to post and will try to do so in wise ways. Sometimes, I may write in a way that may cause you to have to “read between the lines” in order to continue to use FB as a way to speak truth and encourage others in this hard world. 

However, if my page is removed, I will be posting on my blog at and you can sign up for free (here) to receive a daily email of what I post.

One more thing, many of you have found my book, “Truth to Hold On To” through my FB page. It still is available (for now) on

I believe God has used this book to encourage others in the faith more than anything He has allowed me to write. Many who have read it have said, they have “laughed, cried and couldn’t put it down”.

I am not trying to sell a book, or make much of my name, but I am trying to tell others about the Lord and make much of His Name in this hard world. I’d appreciate your prayers for that.

Let’s keep encouraging each other and all the more as we see the Day approaching. And may we be wise sheep among the wolves (Matt 10:16-23).

In Him,


12 thoughts on “Note from Kim

  1. Just wanted to let you know that you aren’t showing up on my FB page unless I specifically look for you. I had you marked as a priority. They are shadowbanning you


  2. Kim, How dare they! What ever happened to freedom of speech? I enjoy your messages! Don’t you ever give up! Blessings to you! Lylean


  3. I appreciate your stand for truth and am always encouraged by your posts. Praying God continues to use you to speak His truth!


  4. I started seeing your FB posts because my husband’s cousin, Peggy, shared them. I’m glad there is another way to continue seeing them, other than FB. Please continue your writing; it’s so thought provoking and uplifting! Praying for you…

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  5. Prayers, my friend! Keep doing what you’re doing! Eyes fixed on Him and pointing others toward Him!
    You’re fighting from victory ❤️

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