That day after the Savior had died.

The pounding of the nails, the jeers of the crowd, His cries of pain.

Now Silent.

His body in the tomb.

What now?

They surely longed to hear His comforting voice.

But Silence.

They had left jobs, families, everything to follow Him.

Now what?



Confused, afraid, every dream of how they thought it would go crashed to the ground with their Master’s final breath.

And Silence.

“Lord, why aren’t You here? Why won’t You speak? “

Did Jesus’ words from the past whisper over the consuming, choking shock of all that had just happened?


Was their grief without hope as their minds failed to reason how anything, COULD EVER, be okay again?

Have YOU been there?

Surely, you’ve been there, too.

This life can be hard…gut-wrenching at times.

Have you been desperate, wondering, questioning and God seemed only silent?

Is He still faithful when He doesn’t do what you expect?

Do you walk away when His ways are not your ways? When He doesn’t explain Himself?

Can you hold on to His promises? Even then? In THOSE moments….

In the silence?

Oh friend, HOLD ON!

God was at work on that Silent Saturday, the day after the Cross, and He is at work in your life right now.

He was faithful then, and He won’t stop now!

Keep trusting and obeying….and HOLD ON…

Hold on. Hear the whisper of the Savior who comes to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, to set the captives free, to demolish strongholds and addictions, to comfort those who mourn, to bring beauty from ashes, to wipe every tear, to give hope to the hopeless, to strengthen the weak, to bring the prodigal home, to defeat death, to make all things new, to prepare a place for us … and so very much more.

Oh friend, hold on in the silence….

He is at work
in a thousand, billion ways
you cannot see
in the silence.

Hear the whisper… and then the SHOUT!






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