Waiting Wednesday of Holy Week

Silent Wednesday.

It’s what some scholars call this day of Holy Week.

Jesus had spent Tuesday preaching and warning, being aggressively challenged by the religious leaders and watching his friend Judas slip away to make a deal to betray him.

But then there is Wednesday. Silent Wednesday.

Waiting Wednesday.

Jesus knew what was coming. Mary had already anointed him with the fragrant oil —he said, “she has done this to prepare me for burial” and the wafts of the fragrance surely served as a constant reminder of the horrendous death he awaited.

But He waited.

Did He think about the beatings? He knew what the nails would feel like.

Did He look at His hands and His feet and imagine them pierced and pouring blood?

Did He think about His mother and the agony she would face as she would watch her son die?

Did He think about His followers who would flee in fear and confusion?

Jesus knew all that would happen to Him—the jeers of the people, the false accusations, the fleeing of his friends, the pain of the whip, the tears to his flesh, the mocking ,the spitting, the piercing of the thorns on his head, the nails ripping his flesh, the darkness, and worse than all of this – the separation from the Father…

Jesus knew all that was to come …still He waited.

That long Wednesday…He waited.

He could have walked away.

He could have called a legion of angels to His aid any day of the week…but He waited.

Jesus waited.

The King who had everything waited, knowing on the other side of the Cross, He would make a way where there had been no way.

He waited for you and me.

He waited to make the only way for you and me.

The wrath of God would be satisfied! His death could bring us life!

He waited because He knew there was no other way.

The curtain would be ripped in two only by the shedding of His innocent blood. The penalty could only be paid by the death of the Perfect Lamb.

On that Wednesday, Jesus waited, fully knowing all He would endure, because He knew He was our only Way.

Our only way….

He waited for the Cross because He was waiting for us!

I’m forever thankful He waited on that Wednesday.




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