Have you doubted God and made the wrong choice?

It’s been ten long years since God promised. Still no baby.

Her body is aging. She’s tired.

She loves her husband. Didn’t God say Abram’s descendants would be as numerous as the stars? (Gen 15:5).

But she also knew the sovereign God has restrained her from bearing children. (Gen 16:2)

What is she supposed to do with that? How long must she wait?

What if God didn’t mean the promise to include her? And then doubt enters her mind.

And the evil one can work with that.

And instead of continuing to trust the sovereign God, Sarai decides to take matters in her own hands.

I wonder when the thought first came to her. How long did it take her to convince herself that sending her husband to bed with her maid, Hagar, would be a reasonable solution?

And Abram. What was he thinking when Sarai suggested such a thing?

Why didn’t he scoop her up in his arms and remind her to trust the Lord who had brought them so far and who had promised with blood to do what He said He would do? (see Feb 22 post)

But, well, she wasn’t asking Abram to paint the dining room, no, what she was asking was tempting even to the old man. So he stayed silent.

And the enemy could work with that.

And instead of being still and waiting on the Lord, reason gave in to emotion and the consequences of this choice are still being felt today.

“According to Islamic tradition, Abraham’s firstborn son Ishmael and Ishmael’s mother Hagar, after being banished by Sarah, ended up in the desert surrounding Mecca, where they were miraculously rescued. Abraham—or Ibrahim, as he is known in Arabic—visited them there and he and Ishmael built the Ka’bah. Muslims believe they are the true heirs, through Ishmael, to the promise God made to Abraham.”(Christianity Today)

And a battle has raged for thousands of years over the Promised Land. Our news shows are still full of stories about this conflict today.

Oh friend, our choices to take matters in our own hands, and go our own way instead of God’s better way, can bring loads of trouble to us as well.

And we are tempted to do so daily.
I am.
You are.

Let’s recognize this. Let’s refuse to give the enemy an inch to work with.

Somebody, somewhere, as you read these words, needs to heed this!

But I also know, somebody, somewhere didn’t heed all the warnings.

You’ve doubted God. You gave in to temptation. You’ve made the wrong choice. (The person typing this post sure has.)

And because of our sin choices, we may be living with some hard consequences…

But please hear me, let’s take the WHOLE counsel of God’s Word.

Yes, God is a Holy God. Yes, He wants us to follow Him and walk in truth and righteousness; and yes, there are consequences when we do not that hurt us and others.

But friend, it is also true that, because of Jesus, our sins do not have to define us.


God’s Word is full of people who messed up, but who God chose to use to advance His Kingdom (including Abraham and Sarah).

Yes, God wants us to obey Him and flee sin. This is how God protects us and guides us to His best!

But God is merciful. He still uses those who have blown it when we turn from sin and follow Him!

And HE even gives us peace and restores our JOY!

What a Savior!!



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