March for Life

Today, thousands will give up other things they could be doing and March for Life.

Because of technology, like ultrasounds, we all know it’s a baby—a life they march for.

The issue is no longer, “is that a life”, but am I going to choose my self (my desires, my comfort, my plans, my goals) over that life.

Abortion is the complete opposite of what God calls us in His Word to do —to die to self; and is, in fact, one of the greatest tragedies in human history of choosing self to the complete detriment of another.

Abortion is the playing out of the great lie that we can be our own gods—that happiness can be found within ourselves…in the enthronement of ourselves….in worshiping ourselves and our desires over all else.

But it’s a lie.

For the reality is, the more we focus on and seek our own way, the less happiness we experience. Been there, done that, it’s true!

Look at story after story of miserable celebrities, who seemingly had it all, who sat on the thrones of their celebrated lives, and tragically end up killing themselves.

But then there are those who have willingly laid down their lives for others who exude such amazing joy—the “Mother Teresa’s” of this world.

The truth is joy can only ever be temporary when it is self-seeking; but when we die to self, as Jesus did, we truly live!

The great lie of the pro-choice movement is that when you choose yourself over another, when you avoid all that you perceive to be “suffering “, you will find happiness.

The truth is when we die to self, when we lay down our lives for others, we find amazing joy and we truly live! (And friend, isn’t parenting one of the greatest ways we know this to be true?!)

But this is all nonsensical to those who don’t know Jesus.

They keep looking for happiness where it can never be found.

Our world, not just our country, but all of humanity will never find what they seek within themselves but in the laying down of our lives to that which is greater.

Jesus is greater.

For when we surrender our hearts to Jesus, when we follow Him, when we love others more than we love ourselves, it is there that we truly live!

It is there that we find incredible peace that far exceeds any earthly circumstance that we could arrange for ourselves.

Our hope for the abortion issue (and all human issues for that matter) is truly built on nothing less than Jesus, not ourselves, not our country, not our government, but Jesus!

As our friends march, as we mourn the issue of abortion, may Christians be serious about sharing where true hope can be found—Jesus!

And this hope is available to all….no matter what we have done, no matter how far we have run our own way.

Like many of you, I know those who have chosen to abort their babies. I have dear friends, both women and men, who have suffered greatly from the choice they made. The pain is deep. Many of them carried it for years. But God is hope for their suffering too. When we run to Him, He can take our sin and our shame and bring healing and freedom.

What a friend, what hope, we have, not in ourselves, not in going our own way but in Jesus and following Him!




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