Is this on your list for the New Year?

It’s a hard and holy thing. It’s still on my list as I think about goals for this new year. I think it may always be.

To die to self.

For many, who walk with Jesus, it’s a slow thing as we learn little by little, year after year, to die more to things that don’t really matter and hold on to what does.

For most, it’s not the big, dramatic moments that yield the opportunities for growth in our Lord; but the grind of frustration-filled, problem-laden, disappointed-in-others and (if we are honest) disappointed-in-ourselves moments of daily life.

Oh how He refines His children as He stretches us to learn how to love others more than ourselves and discover joy and peace can truly be found there.

It’s far from easy.

It’s stinking hard.

We’ve heard the enemy whispering his lies that everyone else has it better and easier, and happiness can be found somewhere else.

We often strive for satisfaction and consume ourselves with busyness; while also working hard to put on a pretty front, while life can sometimes feels incredibly ugly and empty.

Even for Christians.

Alone in our thoughts, we can feel like failures as parents and spouses and as Christians.

IF we are alone in our thoughts….

But once we bring those thoughts to the light of Christian community in places like church, and ESPECIALLY places where we can share our struggles with other believers (like small groups and Bible studies), we find truth and we find hope.

We are reminded we aren’t the only ones who struggle, but we are also encouraged as we learn how to walk in truth and are better equipped to combat the lies of the enemy who preys on lone rangers.

The evil one loves lone rangers because when you are alone it’s easier to be consumed by thoughts of yourself.

But we will find, as we make time to meet with other believers, our focus will become less on ourselves.

And that’s a good thing….A refreshing thing.

We realize our struggles aren’t unique or hopeless; and we are refreshed and equipped to love others better.

Oh yes. God, helps us learn from each other. He encourages us through others who are seeking Him too.

Oh friend, it’s January-many Bible studies and small groups are kicking off for the New Year…Join one! You need them and they need you!

And will you pray with me as I think about the next book of the Bible to study and share on this page? Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Is this on your list for the New Year?

  1. With the Omnicron variant I find it hard to desire to do too much with too many people. Isolation is stifling but safer until Covid count decline.


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