When you don’t FEEL it…

It’s seems wrong to mention it now, at Christmas-time, but, surely, I’m not the only one who feels it sometimes.

Well, I guess the better description would be “doesn’t feel it sometimes”.

I have days I feel spiritually numb, and I believe the Lord has led me to share this during a time when we are surrounded by so many reasons to FEEL the Spirit.

Christmas lights, manger scenes, church plays, choirs with hands raised high…so many things to stir feelings.

Still, and even during this time of awe and wonder, there are days when Jesus feels far away or uninvolved. I feel numb.

Some days my quiet time feels flat. I don’t always have those “ah-ha”, hallelujah moments as I sit with my Bible open.

And if you’ve had those indescribable moments where the Savior just seems to hold you close, to lift your head, to answer your questions, to calm your fears with His Word, you want that everyday!!

And it can be pretty disheartening when it doesn’t happen, when He seems quiet, or distant.

But, on these days, when the feelings are few, I have learned to just keep reading, and praying, and obeying.

And you know what has happened every time? Every. Single. Time. The feelings return. The “hallelujahs“ well up in me again. I delight as He feels close once more.

But you know what else is true, God is so much bigger than my feelings, or lack thereof.

I can’t trust my feelings -they come and go. Oh I like to feel Him near, But He’s there whether I feel Him or not. And that truth keeps me going, and seeking, and on track.

Friend, He is with you whether you feel Him or not! Wrap yourself in the comfort of that amazing truth! He is at work. He is in control. And He is doing all He said He would do!

Oh May we hold on to truth and May our hearts be drawn to worship not just what we feel but what we know to be true!

What a Savior!!



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