One thing about those people, at the church of Philippi, those very real people, with families and jobs and worries of their own—they saw opportunities, and they acted on them.

As Paul closes his letter, he writes, “your care for me has flourished again” (Phil 4:10).

Paul recognized the effectiveness of the church being the church and actively caring for others. This care helped Paul do what he was doing.

I heard a pastor once say, “God has all the funds He needs to accomplish His mission. It’s just that some of His funds are in your pockets”.

And, it’s true. And the funny thing is, when we join the Lord in His purposes with our time and treasure we are the ones who feel the blessing. And yes, I said “feel”. There is something so full and satisfying in helping others. Don’t you agree?

And the very best way we can eternally help others is to help them come to know Jesus and live for Him. Because that’s where they will find peace as well!

So let’s give of our time and treasure. Let’s give to our local church first. This is important.

But let’s also give to groups that are working on the front lines to help others get on their feet and walk with the Lord.

Oh, we may not know the effects of our giving this side of Heaven, but God sees. He knows and He will can cause our care help others flourish! (Phil 4:10)

And if you are looking for a place to give this holiday season, here are some of my favorites-

  1. My local crisis pregnancy center

  1. A ministry working with men and women with abortion-wounded hearts-

  1. Samaritans Purse, a ministry serving those in need all over the world

So yes! Provide your support financially, but also roll up your sleeves and volunteer and you will likely get more blessing out of it than those you are seeking to serve!



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