Over and over. This.

My scripture flip calendar, my daily Bible reading, my Oswald Chambers devotional, are all hitting on the same theme—possess nothing and follow Jesus.

Possess NOTHING.
Follow Jesus.

I have been sensing it in my spirit for a while now.

God is asking me to trust Him a little more, open my hands a little wider, further peal back my fingers, lay down my desires once again, and place my eyes squarely on Him.

He wants more of me because He wants to give me more of Himself …and my SELF is getting in the way.

But that’s a scary place.

It’s a place I know will include more dying to self and what this world says will bring me happiness… but not just what the world says, but it also means letting go of what I’ve said and thought and believed were okay things to hold on to…it means surrendering even those “good” things I’ve been hoping for.

And if I still cling to my “good things”, if I still cling to anything or anyone more than Jesus…I will miss His best and forsake the eternal things He wants to continue to do in and through me.

I am encouraged to go on as I remember God is always a giver.

God will perfectly, abundantly provide what my heart needs each day.

Right now, my mind can’t imagine what life will look like if some of the things I hold dear were to no longer be near.

But Christ is enough for me now. Why wouldn’t He be enough for me then??

He, who is timeless, is already in that future moment filling every space with His life-giving presence and purpose.

I don’t need to worry. I can trust Him.

Yes, life changes. Kids grow up. Jobs move us. Culture gets crazier. Material possessions can’t be counted on. Beauty fades. Health declines. People we love die. Friendships come and go.

Everything about this breath-of-a-life changes.

But God.

He is the Rock—steady in the storms and in the life changes we fear.

He is always faithful. He does not change. His plans remain completely good and His purposes cannot be thwarted.

And He will sweetly lead us through each new situation as we keep our eyes on Him.

He will do us no wrong.

And the simple truth is, when we surrendered our lives in exchange for His, we became His.

And God can do whatever He wants with what belongs to Him.

Our job is to simply obey our Faithful Father who is always good.

His job is EVERYTHING else.

And we can trust God, who has always been faithful in the past, enough to let go of all we thought we needed to hold on to…

and go on with Him … wherever He may lead as He leads us Home. ❤️

I wrote this three years ago. He’s still teaching. He’s still near. He hasn’t left. He won’t ever. And today, for all the tomorrows, I remember this again.


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