Up? Down? Regardless, know this.

John knew those who would read his letter. He knew their varying spiritual states. He knew as we pick up his letter, all these thousands of years later, that we would also find ourselves in different spiritual states. (1 John 2:12-14)

And I don’t know about you, but anytime I see a list of categories, I try to assess where I am I in that list. My NKJV study Bible explains it this way though—we all have characteristics of each of these categories.

As a little child, I came to the Lord, with nothing to offer, trusting and rejoicing in Him for all I need— first and foremost forgiveness. I still need that forgiveness and child-like faith to run to Him again and again.

And no matter how much “little children” grow in their walk with the Lord, we don’t need one more ounce of forgiveness to remain a child of God …because of Jesus, we are His.

That’s no small thing!

John also writes to us as “fathers” and “young men”.

As “fathers”, we’ve known and walked with the Lord. We can point to times we have seen Him prove Himself faithful, and we know we can trust Him.

As a “young man”, we know we need to daily abide in the Word for strength to overcome the wicked one who wages war against our soul if we want to win the victory.

And a war it is!

That war is being waged at all of us regardless of what spiritual state we believe we are in at the moment.

In fact, the enemy loves to kick us when we are down, after we’ve blown it, when we are tired, when life is hard and busy, when we’ve been hurt, or when we are confused by something the Lord is doing.

The evil one does not fight fair.
He never has and never will.

Here is a short 3 minute video of how I “FIGHT” to remember truth to fend off these attacks from the evil one. https://fb.watch/6thRka_XGx/

Oh friends, let’s be aware, let’s put on our spiritual armor every day. (See Eph 6:10-20)

And as John goes on to tell us, if we want to stand strong, we better be on guard and make sure to guard our hearts from loving THIS too much!

Anybody have a guess what John will say “THIS” is that we shouldn’t love?

Some of you are already reading ahead in John’s letter. You know what it is.

Our hearts are tempted by it everyday! And we will talk more about it tomorrow!




As always, I so appreciate your prayers as I study and write. May He alone be glorified.

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