When you want God to explain Himself…

Just in case you are suffering and need some deep truth about our Lord, (and just in case you need to know God is at work through the next generation), read this from my sweet Jenna Mitchum.

I’ve been reading the book of Job, a book I continue to come back to, but this time I learned something different about the Lord, and I thought I would share.

As many of you know, Job loved the Lord and his desire was to serve Him in all things. He was described as one who “feared God.” (Job 1:1) However, the Lord allowed him to go through a time of great loneliness and suffering.

He lost everything.
His family.
His friends.
His land.
His health.

Though Job battled this mentally, physically, and spiritually, he held on to Hope.

Despite his friends telling him that he deserved this punishment because they believed he was living a life of sin, he held on to Hope.

Though he lost everything, he still praised the One who gave him life.

Through this season of suffering, the Lord was with Him actively. He was still in control, even when Job didn’t feel like it.

Through many chapters of the Lord’s silence to Job, the Lord answers Job “out of the whirlwind.” (Job 38: 1).

I think it’s significant to understand that the Lord came to Job specifically out of the whirlwind. The Bible mentions this phrase quite a bit and is usually associated with the Lord’s divine presence. (2 Kings 2: 1-11, Psalm 77:18, Nahum 1:3, Jeremiah 4:13, and many more!)

We see that not only does God have the ability to calm the storm; He has the ability to calm our hearts as He did Job’s.

But I also remember reading Job hoping God would explain to Job in detail why He allowed these things to happen. However, God didn’t exactly do that. In fact, when He answers Job, He simply reveals Himself.

I believe if we find it disappointing or frustrating that God never gives Job any reasons for his suffering, then we have missed the point.

The Lord gave Job an answer.
His answer is Himself.

The Lord knew what Job needed. The most powerful aspect of Job’s encounter with God was not what God said; but it was God’s simple, loving, powerful presence.

In this life, that is all we need.
Friend, He is all you need!

So, I encourage you to not dwell on your current circumstances in hopes that the Lord owes you an explanation. But, truly rest in the promises of His word & trust in who He is!

He is ALL you need! And He is with those who look to Him.

—and AMEN Jenna! I have watched Jenna grow up as one of my daughter’s best friends. She has walked through some hard stuff, but God is the One she runs to…and all who know her are blessed because she so beautifully reflects His presence.

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