Will you pray for me?

Hi friends,

Will you pray for me? This next week our family is getting away for a much needed break. My prayer request is to spend time with Jesus without thinking about the next thing I will write. I just want to sit at His feet. I need to worship. I want to hear His whisper, delight at His nearness, and be refreshed to just be still in His presence . I want Him to show me anything in my heart that is unpleasant to Him. I’m asking Him to restore my heart for the lost —even the lost who come up against me and send me some pretty hateful messages (which has been happening more lately). Please pray for the Lord to remind me of how desperately lost I was before He rescued me. Please pray for my love for Jesus and others to grow stronger. Please pray that my heart would seek Him above anything else, above the praise of others, and dance in the joy that comes from simply knowing Him. I know I have nothing worth saying or writing unless He gives it. I know I don’t want to live one single day in my own strength. He is so good to me, and I love Him so much. Please pray I’ll love Him more and more each day. Please pray my life would bring Him glory, because He alone deserves it. I would so very much appreciate these prayers.

In Him,


5 thoughts on “Will you pray for me?

  1. As you take your time away–think about Jesus telling apostles about little children to come to Him. He has much to teach, encourage, strengthen us with. Open your mind as children do. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Enjoy!


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