A question for you-


Sometimes it seems like such an overused “church word”.

I’ve heard people, going through awful times, detail their circumstances then they say, unconvincingly “but I’m blessed”.

And honestly, sometimes, it seems like they think they should say that, but they don’t really mean it.

But as we open Psalms 1, there it is, the word, “Blessed” and you know what it means here? It is from the Hebrew word “esher” which means HAPPY, even “supremely happy”, and “right with God”!

And for some, this word “happy” is kind of shocking. Are Christians supposed to be happy? Are we allowed to want to be?

But friend, I’m telling you, the word here, in Psalms 1, means “happy”!

Imagine voices singing these words of truth, “Blessed is the man”, HAPPY is the man…and the song goes on to describe characteristics of the supremely HAPPY PERSON!

Do you want to know what those characteristics are of a supremely happy person? – Turn to Psalms 1-

This is a wisdom Psalm telling us the way to be happy and the path to take toward that happiness. It’s one of my favorites!

“Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;” (Psalm 1:1)

There it is right off the bat, God is giving us direction for our happiness.

He isn’t a party-pooper at all (as some like to think of Him). No! The God, who created the universe, and knows us better than we know ourselves, is, in fact, telling us how to find the way to be HAPPY!

And that starts with where you get your counsel.

Who do you listen to? What is guiding your thinking? Is it God’s counsel from His Word or the latest psycho-babble and cultural contamination of this world?

Friend, who and what are you listening to and does this cause you to think like a Christian, or are you not feeling happy because you are suffering from “stinking thinking”?

My oldest son recently sent me this powerful message (linked below) . It begins with a 25 question diagnostic about “Do you think like a Christian?”

It was eye-opening to me and the message that follows is FULL of truth.

To listen, grab a sheet of paper, click on the link, or copy and paste in your browser and (you’ll probably have to) hit download. It’s really worth your time—


We will pick up Psalms 1 tomorrow about the SUPREMELY HAPPY person.


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