Some days are just Psalms days. Do you know what I mean?

Some days are just Psalm days.
Do you know what I mean?

I turn to the Psalms often when I need comfort, when I need to remember God sees human emotion—like the emotion I might be feeling, and even included songs portraying those emotions in His Bible.

In the Psalms, we see real people expressing real emotion to God; and we come to realize, He is so okay with that because He sovereignly included it in His Bible.

We see David going from wailing to dancing; and often my heart does the same thing when I open up these words.

I also turn to Psalms when I feel joy welling up in me and want to sing praises to my Father. And these praise songs are songs His people used to sing to Him thousands of years ago.

As God’s people returned from exile and the temple was rebuilt (458-420 B.C.), Ezra, the priest, compiled the songbook that is the book of Psalms.

You get to hold THIS in your hands! Isn’t that amazing?

These songs were written by multiple authors, the most famous of which is David, but they go all the way back to Moses.

These Holy Spirit inspired words are meant to be sung, and studied, and soaked in.

They calm our weary hearts, spur our feet to action, and draw us back when our emotions run astray.

They are full of wisdom and truth. They are real, relatable and beautiful. They are hope-giving and helpful.

When you open the Psalms, you’ll find yourself reading several types of Psalms-

*Wisdom Psalms (songs rich is wise counsel about how to live a happy life)
*Zion Psalms (songs about Jerusalem and the site of the temple)
*Royal Psalms (songs about God as King, His reign and power)
*Penitential Psalms (songs about confessing sin, forgiveness and praise for renewed relationship)
*Passover Psalms (songs celebrating the great acts of the Lord and pointing forward to the deliverance Jesus would bring)
*Hallel Psalms (praise songs for God’s character and saving works)
*Impreccatory Psalms( songs asking God to curse the wicked, which reflects God’s abhorrence of evil).

I don’t know how long I’ll be in the Psalms, but let’s pick up this holy songbook and take a look at a few.

Want to join me? Maybe you have some favorites? If so, will you leave that in the comments?

May our hearts be lifted and encouraged to sing God’s praises as we spend a little time in the Psalms!

Happy Monday friends!


2 thoughts on “Some days are just Psalms days. Do you know what I mean?

  1. Way back in 1980 as I neared my 30th birthday, I suffered a traumatic injury which triggered an existing rare bone disorder. My right shoulder began liquifying. In the process of 3 years I had 3 surgeries. The bones of my right shoulder were removed (right head of humerus, scapula, and half of my right clavicle) leaving me quite disformed, with a serious disability, and not knowing if the process was stopped or whether I would live or die. If my ribs became affected my heart and lungs would have no support. I lost my job/career, my husband left me, my house burned, among other things between May 83 and March 85. It’s a very long story but I learned to have a personal relationship with Jesus through the years. Psalm 32 opened up to me one night in my grief and depression. Verses 3 and 4 especially spoke to me even though the entire Psalm made me weep. KJV says “my bones waxed old”, but NIV says “my bones wasted away.” I had been running from God for years and perked right up as I read those verses. The running years are another long story. lol Then our sweet Lord directed me to Isaiah 41:10 and 13. In verse 13 He assured me that He would be my right hand/arm and that I can do nothing without Him. Needless to say my life changed and here I am with so many stories about how wonderful He is. His Bible is miraculously game-changing when we read and seek Him on a daily basis. Love your blog and your book with your story is a blessing. Thank you.


    1. Wanda – your story is hard and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for holding tight to Him in your pain. I so appreciate your encouragement and prayers. It is an honor to study the Word with you! Thank you!!!


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