Get Used To Different!

The widely popular show, The Chosen, (I love it!) has a saying, “Get used to different”. People are buying out all the show’s shirts that say this.

The point is, to emphasize, how, after Jesus comes into our lives, we are different. He changes us and things look different because of Him.

When the world looks at Christian’s they should see different! Not weird or odd (there is enough of that!) but gloriously different!

And I thought about that last weekend as I laughed over and over with my mother-in-law. Yes, my mother-in-law! (That’s us in the pic!)

We had so much fun! She’s a joy and a blessing to me. I don’t think we ever considered we should have the kind of contentious, miserable relationship the world says a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law should have.

It’s different than the world! It’s so very good!

And I know this…Jesus is the reason!

Listen, I also know the world tells us otherwise.

If we listen to the world, we should dress sexy and flaunt what we have, mock and put down our husbands, be continually irritated by our little kids, constantly butt heads with our teenagers, go our wild way during college, talk about our bosses behind their backs, hate police officers, do our best to get away with cheating on our taxes, and on and on and on!

I’m sure you can think of a few more poison pills the world and the enemy of your souls would have you swallow.

Do you see those messages from the evil one coming at you all day long?

Oh friends, let’s be diligent to take those thoughts captive and think like Christians, and be and look different!

There is SO MUCH JOY,
and laughter,
belly-laughing laughter,
and peace,
and hope,
and contentment
to be found in THE DIFFERENT that is living as Christ would have us live rather than how the lost world and the enemy says we should!

Be different!
Get used to different! ❤️


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