Those who swear by Him, shall see His GLORY!

In the quiet,
in the still,
perhaps in the sanctuary
of the early morning,
David wrote,
“O God, You are my God;
Early will I seek You;
My flesh longs for You
In a dry and thirsty land
Where there is no water.
I have looked for You in the sanctuary.
To see Your power and Your glory.” (Ps 63:1-2)

In the sanctuary of the early morning, when the day is still, when the world and its’ chaos seem a little further away, when distractions and trouble have not yet chased me down…

I seek God.
I look for Him.
I set my heart on Him.
I want to see His power
and His glory.

And because His lovingkindness truly is better than anything this life has to offer, how can my lips help but to praise God? (Ps 63:3)

That’s what they were made to do.

Our kind and powerful Father inhabits the praises of His people. (Psalm 22:3). He is enthroned there.

And it is there, in praising Him, when I seek Him with all my heart, that I find Him, that I sense His nearness (Jer 29:13) and my soul is satisfied.(Ps 63:5)

Satisfied soul.
Resting in Him
and His care for me,
no matter what the day
may bring.

And after the day is done,
when I lay my weary head down,
when this world’s worries
and fears try to lay down with me,
I remember, God has been my help.
In the shadow of HIS wings, in Him, not this world, is where I have found joy.
(Ps 63:7)
Again and again.

Because I know this, my soul longs to keep following close to Him, day after day, morning after morning, for His right hand upholds me. (Psalm 63:6-8)

It truly has,
and does,
and will.

And though this life is full of trouble (John 16:33) ,and there is one who wages war against me and those I love…
the God I seek in the sanctuary of the early morning, came to give me life to the full! (John 10:10).

And the God I count on, and rest in, and hope on, said, those who swear by Him shall see glory. (Ps 63:11)

Oh weary heart,
let yourself imagine
what that will be like!


We shall SEE GLORY!

David laid down his pen after he wrote of the One who cannot lie, and said, He will shut the mouth of the liars (63:11) and show those who swear by Him, glory!!


(He showed me this scene last night, and I snapped this photo. Can you just imagine what God has prepared for those who love Him?!)

glory #GloryToGod

4 thoughts on “Those who swear by Him, shall see His GLORY!

  1. Very good reminder that we will find Him when we seek Him. Beautiful place to find Him waiting on you in the morning Kim! Praise Him!


  2. Ps 63:3 so much there to take in.
    Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.

    Such a good reminder of what we find in Him. Great post Kim.


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