All day long they are being bashed.

Just because they were born male, men seem to be taking a hit in our culture.

As a wife, and a mom of sons, as a woman who loves my husband, my dad, my brother, my son-in-law, and my nephews, too, this makes me incredibly sad.

For years, every TV show seems to have the Dad looking like the idiot, or the woman is fierce and the man is just wimpy.

Masculinity is a “bad word” now.
It’s called “toxic”.

Honestly, who would want to be one?

It sounds like a joke, except it’s not, as we are seeing a phenomenon in our culture called “Peter Pan” syndrome, or “failure to launch”— boys who just don’t want to grow up.

They don’t want responsibility. They’d rather play video games than date. They avoid commitment of all sorts, and jump from job to job, because they just long to have fun.

And who can blame them for not wanting to become “men” when our culture bashes them so? How fun can that be?

Friends, it has to stop! Or MEN might just become an endangered species!

Before we nod our head in agreement and start pointing fingers, we need to realize it may require some change in our own lives, if we want to “save the men”!

Let’s prayerfully ask the Lord to help us discern what we communicate in our homes.

Let’s turn off the shows that bash men.

Let’s watch our own tongues. Do we bash our husbands in front of others, including our kids, more than we honor them?

Girlfriends, I know our men aren’t perfect, and it’s especially hard when you know you are right about something 😉, but let’s pay attention to when and how we say things.

And as long as I’m stepping on my own toes, let me say this, as wives, let’s allow our kids to see their fathers leading the home, and this is hard to do if we are always trying to take the reigns from them! I know you want to do so sometimes, so do I, but that temptation is part of the fall and our sin nature (Gen 3:16)

Let’s deliberately take a step back on that, because the truth is, if we are always trying to be in charge, it’s easy for our husbands to sit down and just let us; and our sons (and daughters too) will get a twisted view of what it means to be a godly leader.

The truth is, God created different, but amazing, roles for men and women and for husbands and wives.

He ordered things very well, PERFECTLY in fact, and when we follow His plan for this order in our families and our churches, our communities and our cultures are positively impacted.

But it has to start with us. It has to start in our homes and in the choices we make.

Lets watch our words, our actions, and remember this truth from the movie, “My BIG, Fat Greek Wedding” – When Toula was complaining about her father being the head of the house, her mother says, “Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.”

Oh sisters, you’ve got plenty of influence, you know it’s TRUE!

Let’s do this for our sons and all the men we love. Let’s prayerfully, gently live our lives in a way to turn those necks and turn the tide away from the bashing of men and toward the roles God beautifully designed for them!

Let’s do our parts to SAVE THE MEN!

3 thoughts on “SAVE the MEN!

  1. I find it very demeaning when I see women mistreating their spouses, significant other. My sis in law can be very demeaning to my brother. I have seen him almost come to teard. He does sooo much to try to help her.


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