Can there be revival in this country again? Surely it must start with this understanding.

It’s called sin.


It’s the reason Jesus had to come.

I heard a pastor recently use the word “mistake”, over and over, when he was referring to sin.

I’m not sure “mistake” is a strong enough word or adequately describes the penalty we are due for our ugly sin.

No, as we prepare our hearts for Easter, and we truly should, let’s don’t miss the gravity of our situation. The reason for this holiest of season.

A long time ago, in 1741, before our country was a country, the intended pastor fell ill and Jonathan was asked to fill in.

His grandfather had been a pastor and so was dad.

Jonathan had grown up the only boy with ten sisters. He was a smart one who had entered college at thirteen.

He was known for long walks and much prayer.

He would often take slips of paper and walk and pray. He would scribble notes on and pen the slips to his jacket. Upon his return, his wife would help him unpen the notes that would become his sermons.

But that night, he was a last minute fill-in.

I wonder if he scrambled to find the message he would share or if this one had been burning on his lips.

That sermon.

That sermon helped birth a revival, the Great Awakening, in what would soon become our country.

Those words were not fluffy and feel good.
The word “mistake” was not used in reference to sin.

This message was hard. Hard TRUTH.

Truth our hearts need to hear and understand.

Truth this country needs to hear and understand again.

For to seek a Savior we have to understand the DESPERATE state we are in without Him.

We are “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

If you’ve never read this sermon by Jonathan Edwards, you truly should

For Jesus said “ I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance”. (Matt 9:13)


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