One thing I’ve learned that defeats fear

I’m sick of seeing the enemy rob us of so many good things God has planned for us because of fear.

The enemy really uses that.

But here’s one thing I’ve learned that has disarmed the evil one time and time again in my life:

When I hear the enemy telling me all the bad things that could happen…the “what-ifs” of just living life and the “what-ifs” of following Jesus in this hard world, I’ve learned to say “EVEN IF”.

Even if the worst nightmare or scenario the evil one can can throw at me comes true…

Even if THAT happens…

God is still good. (Ex 34:6)
He is still faithful. (2 Thess 3:3)
He will not leave me. (Deut 31:6)
He can receive glory even through that hard thing. (Rom 8:28)

At the end of his last letter, as he waited on his execution, the Apostle Paul said,”I am already being poured out as a drink offering” (2Tim 4:6)

Paul held nothing back. He poured himself out. There was no reservation. And because of that, the enemy had no power over him, and he was not gripped by fear but full of joy.

We can pour ourselves out too, and hold nothing back—

I’ve learned to do this this way – I let my mind temporarily go to the worst-case scenario, and say, “even if that happens” the true things about God are still true. He is still good and His promises still hold.

This disarms the enemy.

As I do this, I have learned to enjoy my blessings instead of being gripped by the fear of losing them.

Friend, let’s not be afraid to possess the land God is giving us because of the giants we worry might be there. (Numbers 14)

Let’s remember truth. Let’s help each other walk past the lies and fear and remember our eternity is secured! God has great plans for us! Nothing can change that! (John 10:28)

One day, one glorious day, our faith will become sight. And all the hard things that happen, or we worry might happen, will be no more.

But until then, let’s walk in truth…. fear-killing, joy-bringing, peace-giving truth!

Yes… God is still good.
He is still faithful.
He will not leave us.
He can receive glory, even through hard things.

So, let’s not give into fear, but walk forward and really enjoy the blessings of this day and live for the cause of Christ!

Let’s pour ourselves out to the glory of our Lord!





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