God, I don’t understand

It is not popular to say, but God will do things we don’t like or understand.

In Luke 6, Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath and the religious leaders were filled with rage.

Rage. Not awe and adoration that a miracle had been performed right before their eyes.

Not celebration for the man whose withered hand was restored.

But rage.

Rage. Because Jesus didn’t act in the way they expected Him to act.

And, the truth is, if I’m really honest, I’ve been upset too when God didn’t do things in the way I thought He should do them.

Have you?

What do we do with that? What do we do when things happen that we don’t like or understand?

What about when we think God should have acted in a certain way and He did not?

How about when entire families die in tornadoes; when the friend, you love so much, dies of cancer; when your dad struggles with dementia; when the marriage fails, when that adult child is still running fast the wrong way?

What then?

Do we get mad, then? Are we entitled to be filled with rage, then, like those religious leaders were when Jesus doesn’t act like we expect? (Luke 6:11)

Or do we pray to see God in the midst of what we don’t like or understand?

Do we beg God to help us hold tight to Him and ask Him to remind us of truth about Who He is, and that He is with us even when our circumstances scream that He is not? (Matt 28:20)

On the hardest of days, when we want to walk away, when we long for God to simply act in ways we expect; but He does not, let’s beg Him to let us see His presence.

Let’s ask Him to help us trust Him more than we trust our own understanding. (Prov 3:5-6)

Let’s hold tight to Him and remember, He alone can bring good from hard things. (Rom 8:28)

He is still the Miracle Maker. (Jer 32:27)

And this life, it’s not our home. It’s just a breath. (Psalm 39:5)

One day, every tear will be wiped from our eyes. (Rev 21:4).


But until then, may He give us eyes to see Him, arms to hold tight to Him, and feet to follow Him…even on the hardest of roads.

One day at a time. Let’s ask God to help us trust Him more than we trust us or what our eyes see or our hearts understand.

He is still faithful. He is still good. Let’s help each other remember that.




2 thoughts on “God, I don’t understand

  1. Just read your “About Me.” What a heart touching testimony.

    I just facilitated a woman’s Bible study in which we purchased and studied True Woman 101. This book had a wealth of knowledge we women needed to know our true purpose.


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