Is God shaking us?

There’s part of me that wants the vote to go the way of conservatives, and values, and religious freedom.

But there’s also a part of me (admittedly kind of shaking in her boots), that wants the Lord to do whatever it takes to help us love Him first.

And maybe that includes shaking us to our core. Perhaps, it is time for us to ask ourselves if we truly believe what we say we believe.

If eternity is really eternity and God is truly God, have we been placing too much emphasis on our comfort here and caring too little for the cause of Christ?

Do we truly care for the souls of others, to the point, that we would ask the Lord, to take us through whatever it takes to bring revival?

And if Heaven is as glorious as we say, and the Bible is as true as it is, don’t we know things will get harder on this temporary planet before the Lord comes back for us?

Should we really be shocked that what is right is wrong and what’s wrong is right or should we feel even more confident that God is doing just what He said He would do?

Instead of looking for worldly solutions, should we be on our knees asking the Lord to prepare us to stand strong no matter what comes?

Shouldn’t we be daily putting on our spiritual armor and tirelessly loving the lost…whose time might be shorter than ever?

Do those who we work with and live by know about the Savior we say we trust for every tomorrow?

Oh friend, as my son, Ben, said last night, “Why should we worry about all that is going on around us? Yes, we may lose our comforts, but others are in danger of losing their souls for eternity.”

Let’s keep our eye on the prize! Let’s ask the Lord to strengthen us.

Let’s ask Him to help us be where He is working and let’s trust Him to use hard things for good for those who love Him and are called to His purpose.

And if you are His, you are called to His purpose.

And He is still on the throne. And you are here for such a time as this!

Who knows, our eyes may see the coming of the Lord, may our voices tell others of His goodness no matter how hard these days may get!

2 thoughts on “Is God shaking us?

  1. I have been thinking along those same lines and it does scare me. But the Lord keeps reminding me – “Fear not, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10.


    Back last February (before covid) hit, God spoke to me these words EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE SHAKEN WILL BE SHAKEN. Shortly after that Word, covid hit, my addict son relapsed big time after being sober for almost 3 years, I got done health issues and life really changed. I just read this word tonight on SHAKING. A very good perspective I believe. It really brought me comfort. God bless!!


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