I wonder if he stared out the window, waiting for his young friend to return with news.

Paul was hoping, with all his heart, that Timothy would bring a good report of the young Thessalonian church. How he longed to know their faith in Christ was not shaken by the afflictions they were enduring. ( 1 Thess 3:1-5)

Finally, the good news comes and Paul writes that, the fact, they were standing fast in the Lord, served to comfort Him in the afflictions and distress he, himself, was facing. (1 Thess 3:6-8)

And let’s don’t miss this! Even the Apostle Paul was encouraged by seeing faith living itself out in the lives of others.

Friend, our souls need to see Jesus in others. It’s life-giving. That’s why fellowship is so very important. We all need it.

In these days of isolation due to CoVid, many of us are missing each other. We are really missing seeing Jesus in each other.

We were made to meet together, to worship together, to encourage each other, …to hug each other, for goodness sake!

God, often, loves us through one another.

So, His guidance to us to keep meeting together, and encouraging one another, is not just some side note. It is so incredibly vital! (Heb 10:25)

So, are you meeting with others? Are you actively encouraging others and being encouraged?

Because we all need it; let’s don’t, so easily, give this up!

Let’s get together. Yes, we may need to be creative in doing so— but let’s keep doing so for our souls sake!

Let’s keep going to church. Let’s even question unwarranted closures and restrictions—because we know we have an enemy who would love to keep our churches closed and will use every means at his disposal to do so. If we give him an inch, he will take a mile. You know it’s true!

Let’s look out for each other. Let’s care for each other’s physical health -but let’s don’t forget about our emotional, mental and spiritual health too!

Let’s check on friends, family and neighbors. God tells us, when we refresh others, we ourselves will be refreshed (Prov 11:25).

So today, right now, will you pray? Ask God to bring someone to mind whom He wants to love through you. Then, act on that! Today! Don’t wait!

Call them. Go see them. Send them a text. Ask them how you can pray for them. Send them Scripture. Make plans. Drop off pumpkin muffins. Go sit on their porch and talk to them. Ask them how they are doing. Pray with them. Share some encouragement from the Word. (And, while you are at it, don’t forget about your pastor and his wife. They need encouragement too)

And after you reach out to refresh someone else, take note, you’ll probably notice a lift in your own spirits! Funny, how that works! (Oh yeah, God told us that’s how it works!)

And, if today, you encouraged someone else, or you were encouraged by someone else, will you simply comment “done” below? Let’s do this as a way to spur one another on to love and good deeds, and trust the Lord to bring blessing from it! (Heb 10:24)



Have a blessed weekend! Thank you for studying with me!

6 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Done! Thank you Kim. I am 84, legally blind using a magnifying glass and if recorder to text… but I do try to encourage others and you really agree with this! Thank you precious one


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