I can’t stay silent

Growing up, I often heard it isn’t polite to talk about religion and politics; and judging by how silent the silent majority is, I think many took that to heart.

In fact, the silent majority is so silent, I’m wondering if they are still out there at all.

And I know, as soon as I open my mouth, those who disagree with me will call me all sorts of names-like racist and homophobic and someone will surely call me “Karen”… so I’m tempted to stay silent.

Except, I can’t!

Now, I do not believe the answers to all our problems reside in the White House.

However, I do believe the choice we make this year could exponentially increase our troubles as individuals, as churches, as a nation, and our world as a whole.

I believe this election is THAT important.

I believe both candidates are flawed men, and I’m still quite shocked that of the 328 million of us, these are the choices we have.

However, we know one of them (or their running mate) will be the leader of our country for the next four years.

And the choice between the two has never been more drastically different or more important.

The difference that concerns me most, and the reason I’m sticking my neck out here as someone who loves Christ, and opening my mouth about politics, and risking offending some of you, is that I’m DEEPLY concerned about our future freedoms to exercise religious liberty and the threat to Christian values this election may bring.

Let me put it this way, I’m concerned if we don’t open our mouths about this election, we may, soon, not be able to open our mouths about Jesus and the truth in His Word.

And if we can’t do that, then those who are captive to misery-making sin, are very likely to stay captive and miserable and our country, and our churches, and this world, even, will go to “hell in a hand basket”.

The difference in the two parties (see their published platforms) is stark. Here’s some facts as to why this is true—(See https://downloads.frcaction.org/EF/EF18H05.pdf)

When it comes to platform, the Republican Party best aligns with the Christian worldview, and promotes
religious freedom and Christian values. Again, see link above as to why I say this.

The Democratic platform does not align with the Christian worldview. Again, see link above as to why I say this.

Yes, like many of you, I find myself CRINGING over the things Donald Trump says. I shake my head at his tweets. I think his comments are often unwise, unkind and unnecessary. I won’t argue with anyone about this. I agree.

BUT, when I look at his policies and what he has done, rather than his personality, I find I agree with most of the policies he has supported AND they align with my Christian worldview. And if you read your Bible, I believe they should agree with yours.

This is why I will vote FOR Donald Trump and the Republican candidate in every race.

Let me be clear about this, Donald Trump has done more to protect the unborn than any president in our history. That’s an unarguable fact. He has been very vocal in his support of life and has backed it up with action.

Furthermore, Donald Trump has stood in solidarity with Israel and is a true friend to them.

He has also stood on the side of Christian liberty over and over. I believe God has used him to do many good things.

When I consider Joe Biden, and research the things he has supported, I find I very much disagree with those things and, I believe, these things to go against Christian values. He seems like a kind, old grandpa but he has aligned himself with radical and unbiblical thinking and organizations. (ie Planned Parenthood etc)

Yes, I’ll likely shake my head a hundred times over Trump’s tweets between now and the election, but I will gladly go and vote FOR Donald Trump and AGAINST Joe Biden, and against the progressive Democrat platform which panders to Bernie Sanders socialists and the anti-family, radical BLM and LGTBQ organizations.

Also, and this should be very concerning to Christians- Biden announced his number one legislative priority as president would be the passing of the Equality Act.

The bill, which passed the House last year, but has not had success in the Republican-controlled Senate, would codify LGBT non-discrimination protections into federal law.

“We’re talking about a piece of legislation, the Equality Act, that hunts down and punishes the same evangelicals whose vote [Biden] claims to want! One that also ends women’s sports, girls’ and boys’ bathrooms, Christian counseling, privacy laws, conscience protections, millennia of biology, medical ethics, parents’ rights.” (Tony Perkins)

To be sure, one of these two men will impact the trajectory of our country in ways that will impact our children, the church, and our world as no other president has before.

We are at a crossroads. We are divided. This election may be decided by the slimmest of margins. And, like it or not, to not vote is to vote.

I will vote the for the policies of the Republican platform and Donald Trump.

I will especially do so for the freedom of speech for pastors speaking truth in the pulpits, the babies in the womb, and the defense of marriage between one man and one woman.

This country has been a great light to the world because of its foundations based on Judeo-Christian principles.

This “city on a hill” will be negatively impacted the more we stray from those wise principles.

Not only will this country be severely impacted, but so will those in the womb, and those around the world to whom this country has aided if Joe Biden and the increasingly radical, progressive and socialist-leaning Democratic party win in December.

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