If tomorrow never comes

It’s 9/11. And we ought to all stop. And remember.

Today, we should think about those who died —the heroes who ran in and those trapped, huddled in fear.

It took five years to build the twin towers. It took 102 minutes from the first impact on the north tower for them both to fall.

In 102 minutes, 2,977 people were killed in attacks in New York City, Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The truth is, none of us know when death will visit, or how.

Deep down, we all think tomorrow will come. We’ve already written on the next day’s calendar pages. We’ve set reminders on our phones for tomorrow’s plans.

Surely, those who died on 9/11 had plans too. Plans to live. Plans to do.

Oh, they didn’t know death was coming that day. For some, it was instant, the blink of an eye. For others it was surely terror-filled as some made the awful decision to jump from tall buildings rather than die in the horrendous, scorching flames.

Others slowly choked in the putrid, suffocating smoke.

Some managed to make calls to say goodbye to loved ones.


Our hearts ached as we watched tall buildings collapse into ashes on our television screens all around the world.

We sat speechless as our skies were eerily silent as air traffic was stopped across the country.

We waited for word from the President. We wanted answers.

We needed hope.

Americans came together.
We flew flags.
We huddled together in packed churches.

And then…
though we said, we never would-
We forgot.
We moved on.

We made more plans. We got busy. We acted again, as if tomorrow will always come.

And we forgot what it felt like when we all came together.

Now we fight.
With each other.
We burn our own buildings down.
Churches set empty.
We kill one other.
We blame one another.

And we seem to have forgotten the unity we felt that day, nineteen, long years ago. It’s all a faded memory.

And we seem to be ignoring all the reminders that not one of us is promised tomorrow as we face a pandemic, hurricanes, earthquakes, and racial violence.

This kingdom we call the United States may very well fall. Soon. What then?

And for some,
maybe for many,
literally tomorrow,
may never come.

What if tomorrow never comes at all?

Surely, these hard days have caused us all to consider life and death…and perhaps, eternity?

What if tomorrow never comes at all, for you?

None of us are promised our next breath. Not one of us can cause our heart to beat one more time.

Oh, but friend, if you are reading these words, it’s not too late.

For there is a Kingdom that never ends. There is life eternal offered to all who will call on the Name of the only God who can save. He will make all things new. He will dry every tear.

Do you know Him? Do you know Jesus?

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