We need TRUTH in this CRAZY world

I find myself shaking my head over and over. You too?

It’s like the world has gone crazy, and all at once.

Cities are being burned by rioters. And some in the media stand in front of the flames calling what’s happening “peaceful protests”.

It seems we are being lied to about all kinds of things these days.

We are told, “all cops are bad”. But what about ones who ran into the falling buildings on 9-11? And aren’t they still the ones we’d call if we heard someone break in our door at night?

We are told to say, “black lives matter”, and not “all lives matter”… but do ALL black lives matter even though they are disproportionately killed in the womb compared to other races?

And do black lives matter if they are wearing police uniforms?

And where’s the outrage for the black children being shot in gang violence, or those living in big cities where this past weekend alone-
NYC-At least 46 shot; 5 Killed, including a young mother of 3.
CHICAGO-10 Black men killed, 44 more shot, including 2 Chicago cops & 15-year old boy.
ST LOUIS-2 Black cops shot, one in critical condition. (And the organization,Black Lives Matter, remains silent on all of that)

It’s all very confusing, as we are also told disparaging women, celebrating violence and using the “N” word is wrong- unless it’s in a RAP song. Then, that’s fine.

What’s more, we are told we should pay attention to “hard science”; but then we are also told you can just be whatever gender you feel like and chromosomes don’t matter then.

And women -they can simply decide if it’s a baby when they are pregnant (if it is convenient and wanted) or a just a clump of cells (if it’s not a convenient time to decide it is a baby ).

And you know, a single cell would certainly be evidence of life on Mars; but a clump of cells in the womb, not at all here on earth.

And then, there is this virus, We are told it is highly contagious, and we should refrain from gathering together in churches and even singing together, but we are also told we are fine to stand shoulder to shoulder, and yell, if we are at a protest.

And they say it’s WAY too dangerous to vote in person, but we are fine to shop at WalMart and Target… in person.

And when it comes to masks and probably vaccines, is it still “our body our choice”? Guess not.


But the One who cannot lie (Num 23:19) tells us there is a father of all lies (John 8:44).

He has come to rob, kill and destroy.(John 10:10)

Behind every lie is his evil agenda. He will use every weapon, at his disposal, to divide us, enslave us to sin, and destroy us.

That is truth. It’s happening all around us.

Now is the time, perhaps as never before, to test EVERYTHING.

The popular principles of this world are very often in direct conflict with the Word of God. Know that!

So, let’s pray without ceasing.

Let’s recognize the lies.

In all our ways, every way, let’s acknowledge God and let Him make our paths straight.

Let’s test everything. Hold on to the good. (1Thess 5:21)

Let’s walk in truth!

Let’s stand firm in the faith.(1 Cor 16:13)

It won’t be easy.

But if Jesus is your Lord, if He is your “true north”….if you REALLY TRUST Him more than you trust yourself–there is no other way.

Especially in these days…”See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ” (Col 2:8)

Friend, especially now, see to it!



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