Remember your HOPE

There seems to be a heaviness, all around us, so thick you can almost touch it.

I continue to learn of friend after friend who are facing battles, dealing with loss, financial strain, wayward children, marriage difficulties…you name it.

And then, there is CoVid, mask debates, violent riots, political division, church closures, school closures, wildfires, earthquakes and two tropical storms simultaneously threatening the gulf.

And with all that… it’s easy for even the most positive among us to feel despair.

But what if, instead of taking to our beds and covering our heads, we opened our Bibles and discovered these hard times may be simply part of God’s plan to make His presence known, refine His people, and usher in the return of His Son?

No one will know the specific date, but we are to look for things that look like birth pains of the Savior’s return. (Matt 24:8) And there sure seems to be some things going on around us that should cause us to take notice!

And people, who generally never think about dying and eternity, seem to be thinking about it lately. (Are you noticing this too?)

Are you prepared to give a reason for the hope you have? (You remember you have hope, right, if you belong to Christ?)

Are you seeing the opportunities to make known the Name of Christ?

Yes, these are CRAZY days but God told us to expect hard times.

But He also told us this life is not all there is! This life is actually but a breath. (Psalm 39:5) But, oh, what awaits those who have surrendered their lives to the One who holds every tomorrow! (1Cor 2:9)



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