God is merciful.


I’m reminded of God’s great mercy, as I read of the thief on the cross. He did nothing but recognize the sinlessness of the Savior beside him as Lord, and asked Jesus to remember Him when He came into His Kingdom. (Luke 23:39-43)

That thief had squandered his life on earth, but his last minute request was accepted.

He had not lived his life for Jesus. He didn’t have time to do so. But because of the Lord’s great mercy, that thief is a new creation in Heaven today.


But don’t miss this —The thief knew he was dying, and he had the opportunity to call on the Lord.

But not all lost people know they are dying and have time to make a similar plea. (If you, or someone you love is lost, you should consider this).

But what about those who have called on Jesus for salvation but then live unchanged lives?

If you truly believe what Jesus did and said are true, why would you choose to live any other way than how The One who conquered death says you should live?

Is it not illogical to trust Jesus for eternity, but not for this day and with your decisions?

What’s more, if you’ve been brought from death to life through no effort of your own, are you not forever grateful?

Does this gratefulness not cause you to want to serve Him and tell others about Him?

If not, why not?

Every now and then, we all need to ask the Lord to help us take an honest look at our hearts.

Is Jesus our Lord?

Are we living for Him?

Can I be honest here? For a long time, after I made a profession of faith in Jesus, I pretty much continued to do things my way.

It was not until the Lord showed me how illogical that was, and I got to know Him through daily study of His Word, that I began to trust Him enough to follow Him in the day to day stuff.

I began to understand that God wasn’t actually a “party pooper” (as I had sometimes thought); but that His ways, as defined in His Word, are how He guides us to His best for us…that’s where REAL peace, hope and joy are found.

But you shouldn’t just take my word for it. His words are what we all need to help us love, trust and follow Him more.

Are you reading the Bible? Are you reading it with your kids and grandkids?

Why not pray right now for God to give you that desire? Pray for some “want to”!

If you ask Him, He will reveal Himself to you. He will speak to YOUR heart through His Word. He will help you follow Him; and He will equip you to point others to Him too.

He did it for me, and I used to think The King of Kings, the High and Holy, the ONE who died for me was a party pooper.

What mercy!




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