Joyful Dependence

Over and over in Scripture…
but also over and over in my life
and the lives of others I observe….
Jesus goes out of His way to take us through circumstances, to get through thick heads, like mine,
that we
do things
in our own strength.

We can’t.
We weren’t made to do so.

We were made for
on the ROCK who is CHRIST the Lord.

Yes, we need Him for salvation and eternity;
but we also NEED HIM
for the struggles of this very day,
this side of Heaven.

We need His counsel.
We need His wisdom.
We need His POWER
and His ABIDING presence.

We weren’t made to walk alone.
We were made to run to Him.
Every day.

Don’t try to tackle all that is coming at you.
Sit at His feet.
Watch Him settle you,
calm you, direct your steps,
multiply your time, change your perspective
and give you peace.

There is NOTHING you will face in this day
that is too hard for Him.

then run to Him
again tomorrow.

He will carry you.
He has you
He loves you.


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2 thoughts on “Joyful Dependence

  1. I really needed this today. I’m going threw a lot of stuff with my husband. So many lies, cover ups. I’m not a young woman53. He’s I’ll. I’ve been staying by his side through it all. I just can’t any more. I need your prayers the more goes up the more He reveals to me what he want me to do. Thank you for your devotionals.


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